Sunday, January 20, 2013


I decided this year I was not going to carve the traditional pumpkins, so I tried a wolf. I like him.

And along with my wolf, I also carved a cannibalistic pumpkin. He's so cute. 

EmmaLee also got two pumpkins, and wanted them to be very scary, she was very proud of how they turned out.

This is #2 of EmmaLee's scary pumpkins.

We all agreed that the wolf pumpkin looked amazing in the dark.

This is April's pumpkin, and I think she was going for goofy?

It was hard keeping the cats away from them. Goiya, was most interested in them. :D

                     And all the pumpkins in the dark together. 
We had so much fun this year carving our pumpkins. We originally thought that we were only going to do one for EmmaLee. But then one of my friends from work gave me enough for us all, (except April) to do two. 

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